Oceans For All Foundation

Jan 7, 2020

Oceans For All is a Phuket-based marine conservation organisation founded by David Martin and Thibault Salaun. The project works towards getting local hotels, tour operators and businesses to work together to minimise their contribution to the damage of marine ecosystems and reduce their carbon footprints as far as possible. The featured initiative of the project is the OFA Bluepass – a membership card granted to participants who donate the value of their annual Co2 emissions to the foundation’s cause.

Sideways Media, along with communications agency My Own Private Sound, took on the project in late 2018, with the goal of creating a website that will serve as a form of media on its own; With a constant feed of blog posts, video interviews, events and an online calculator form which calculates the user’s Co2 emissions and allows them to donate their total figure to the cause vie various online transactional methods.

The website was designed to be minimal, with a user-friendly interface and striking visuals.

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