Who we are

About Us


10 years in a rapidly-evolving media environment have brought about the understanding that we interact in an online world, and the media we consume is almost wholly digital.

Sideways Media Digital is a diversified digital media development agency. We’re dedicated to producing content that’s not only user-friendly, but beautiful to see, and hear. We focus on web development, digital publications, photography and graphic design, with additional sound design and videography services provided.

In close collaboration with each client, we meticulously craft content with user experience at the forefront, ensuring that our client’s message is delivered in a format that is easy to absorb and leaves a lasting impression.

Our Mission

Access to the internet has increased exponentially in the last decade, bringing about a worldwide culture driven by mass sharing and often invasive advertising. Our goal is to deliver our client’s stories through quality content that is mindful of the audience’s attention, with concise, minimal and highly effective media.

We are conscious of the impact our work has on society, and thus we partner with clients on the basis of their field of work and contribution to society and the communities they operate in. Coupled with the benefits of digital-only media on the environment, our hope is that we can be a contributing factor in positive societal and environmental change.


A few brands and organisations we’ve worked with.


At least five years of excellent service! I have always been able to depend on Sideways Digital to produce high quality digital content and magazines for me.

We are often under extreme pressure with unrealistic deadlines but Sideways Digital always come through for me. Their quality of work is excellent and no job is too small or inconvenient. Highly recommend them!

Michael Bentley

Zambia Sports Fishing Association

I was impressed a lot working with Sideways Digital. K. Gareth is really creative, open-minded to listen to feedback from customers, detail-oriented, always meets deadlines and is flexible to work around any circumstances.

Worraluk Tan-Atikom

Banyan Tree Group Property

Gareth is a pleasure to work with. Always ensures that what is required is done and requests for checks along the way to ensure that it is being done properly.

Renata Zeravica

Civitas Partners Group

Great working with Gareth at Sideways Media. Gave all the time and patience it took to build the websites I wanted. Made himself easily available and was very flexible in researching and bringing various options. He is also very creative and offers great graphic designs. Fully satisfied with results and with on-going maintenance and development of my websites.

Sylvano Stabille

My Own Private Sound